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A New Year’s Labyrinth for Rosie

Here’s Trefoil Lattice Labyrinth (44,1). Just six supertiles are shown, each comprised of 1981 equilateral triangles. This is yet another strikingly handsome tessellation, displaying a strong family likeness to other (e,1) cases, such as (42,1) with an 1807-triangle supertile illustrated … Continue reading


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Tessellating a Getting on a Bit Birthdate

A CHRISTMAS POST. After too many equations and figures and too much jargon in recent posts, here’s a Lattice Labyrinth for the birth cohort of 1944. I think it’s also the first Honeycomb Lattice Labyrinth I’ve posted – and the … Continue reading

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A Labyrinth for Mischa

Here’s a little Christmas Present for Mischa – a Labyrinth to celebrate the auspicious year of your birth, 2005. There you are, in the centre surrounded by four contemporary friends. Postscript, 2.7.2014. I forgot to explain that this is Chinese … Continue reading

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