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Tessellatable Numbers up to 2100, with corresponding Gaussian and Loeschian Number Pairs

The following tables, which should appeal to your inner nerd and might even be USEFUL, pick out which integers N in the range 1 to 2100 are of the form a²+b² and/or of the form e²+ef+f². The first category are … Continue reading

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Eine nicht so kleine Mathmusik: from Lattice Labyrinths to Integer-sided Trythagorean Triangles

Revision: In the previous post we investigated “squaring” a lattice labyrinth tessellation, multiplying the  tessellation by itself and by its mirror image. This is equivalent to multiplying number pairs (a,b) x (a,b) and  (a,b) x (b,a) where (a,b) are the … Continue reading

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