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Thanks for the MathsJam Conference 2016 at Yarnfield Park near Stone, Staffordshire

I’ve only just discovered MathsJam, which may be meeting at a pub near you on the last but one Tuesday of each month, with Tuesday 13th.December 2016 a pre-Christmas exception. Here’s the MathsJam twitter site and a list of cities … Continue reading

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Inspired by the Month of June, Square Lattice Labyrinths with Even Separation Parameters

After many blog posts inspired by dates, including the Queen’s Birthday, Christmas Day, the National Days of Argentina, Brazil and Taiwan and the date of my Hip Op, it’s time for some basic tuition – though June, the sixth month, … Continue reading

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Lattice Labyrinth Tessellations for Apple’s Steve Jobs – a cryptic iPhone cover design?

So far as Apple’s logo is concerned, it can be any colour so long as it’s black, to paraphrase Henry Ford. One colour makes it difficult to shade the tiles of a tessellation, so I’ve had to borrow some other … Continue reading

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Pythagorean Pairs of Pairs…and the Occasional Triplet of Pairs

Here are small parts of two Serpentine Lattice Labyrinth tessellations. Though these two patterns look very different and the arrays of superlattice points (which we can take to be marked by the black squares) and symmetry axes are at different … Continue reading

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Lattice Labyrinth Tilings and Pavings: An Image Gallery

The thumbnailed gallery below is a handy summary of images included in the various posts of the Lattice Labyrinths blog and has now been copied as a page of the blog. In the course of time that page will tend … Continue reading

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Celebrating April Weddings , Two Wedding Anniversary Labyrinths, April 13th and April 26th

 Back to pretty pictures, but with some of the skeletal structure of the tessellations shown. ( Scarthin Books, my some days job, is in the middle of a crowdfunding exercise to Prop up the Shop, its over a mile of … Continue reading

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