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May the Fourth be with You … Lattice Labyrinth Tessellations for Star Wars Day 5,4 … May the 4th be with us

My aged ears recently overheard  “May the Force be with You” as “May the Fourth be with You”. A quick Google© confirms that this is not an original discovery but is disparaged as an “obvious” pun. Nevertheless and therefore 4th. … Continue reading

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Eine nicht so kleine Mathmusik: from Lattice Labyrinths to Integer-sided Trythagorean Triangles

Revision: In the previous post we investigated “squaring” a lattice labyrinth tessellation, multiplying the  tessellation by itself and by its mirror image. This is equivalent to multiplying number pairs (a,b) x (a,b) and  (a,b) x (b,a) where (a,b) are the … Continue reading

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