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I hope that followers of this blog and/or readers of my book or books will leap ahead and make more stunning designs.  Insofar as these are determined by the mathematics, rather than being individually tweaked (Escherized?) in undeterminstic ways, I do not think they can be “patented” or otherwise protected – so, let’s share them. All scientific or mathematical truths are, according to my naive philosophy, determined but surely they can still be elegant, satisfying, beautiful. Maybe the form above on this page of the blog will let you upload images as well as textual comments, but alternatively contact me directly by e-mail with attachments (preferably, illustrator (ai) or pdf documents, as these scale and edit better than the conventional jpegs) and I’ll upload as much of the flood of creative discovery as I can.

In addition, theoretical implications of Lattice Labyrinth theory must be swimming out there in the Mind of God unpenetrated by the mind of dave. Or maybe there’s a 1903 paper in Die Biedenkopf Zeitschrift für Kunst und Mathematik that revealed all. I THINK I’d love to hear from you – please be kind.

David Mitchell


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