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March Fools’ Day (Brexit Day) 29th. March 2019

If I hear “It’s the will of the British people” one more time **************!!! Actually it’s the will of one wavering voter in every fifty. While in the European project Britain has lurched from one social or economic disaster to … Continue reading

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The Theorem of Trithagoras; Pythagoras is for Squares. The MathsJam 2017 Five-minute Presentation.

Mention Pythagoras and Pythagorean triangles spring to mind, but his theorem is really about the area of certain squares (regular polygons with four sides) and sums of their areas, which happens to relate to the sides of the aforesaid triangles. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Anglo-Chinese Relations; 21st October 2015 is Double Ninth Day, Chongyang 重九節

The Hamlet of Scarthin within Cromford, where this blog is based, leads the way in Anglo-Chinese relations, and here are some photographs from the narrative (which also involved the hamlet of Upperwood within Matlock Bath). R. soon changed into traditional … Continue reading

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Tessellating Prime Numbers; Trefoil Lattice Labyrinth (18,5) and some simple but satisfying Mathematics

I have been inspired by find-the-factors blogger Ivasallay to tessellate prime number 439, that is to find a tessellation with that number of triangles (or squares) in its supertile. The result was Trefoil Lattice Labyrinth (18,5), which is not unattractive. … Continue reading

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Chinese National Day Tessellation applied to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport 国庆节深圳宝安国际机场

Diamond Lattice Labyrinth (10,1) in honour of the National Day of The People’s Republic of China is illustrated in the previous post. I would like to employ it as a paving in Shenzhen City, where my elder son lives and … Continue reading

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Birthyears Tesselatable as Star, Dart or Diamond Lattice Labyrinths

The majority of this post is likely to be “all Greek” to you; what matters is the two tables, which list years which are also supertile areas I can do a Star, Dart or Diamond Lattice Labyrinth Tessellation for. The … Continue reading

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Dave Gives the GAME Away

So far the contents of this blog have been confined to the RESULTS of constructing Lattice Labyrinth Tessellations with only cryptic hints on how actually to DO it. The idea is that you have to buy the book before starting … Continue reading

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Rotational Symmetry Simply Set Out

Lattice Labyrinth Tessellations rarely (and inconsequentially so far as I’m concerned) exhibit mirror symmetry, that is they don’t look the same if you reflect them or flip them over to look from the other side. They are right- or left-handed … Continue reading

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