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Inspired by the Month of June, Square Lattice Labyrinths with Even Separation Parameters

After many blog posts inspired by dates, including the Queen’s Birthday, Christmas Day, the National Days of Argentina, Brazil and Taiwan and the date of my Hip Op, it’s time for some basic tuition – though June, the sixth month, … Continue reading

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Sydney Olympics 2000

Here is the promised conversion of Scarthin Lattice Labyrinth (40,20) into Olympic Lattice Labyrinth (40,20). Ill explain why the Family names later. Each of the supertiles of the Scarthin Labyrinth have been divided into two by adding a couple of … Continue reading

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Sophie’s Millennial Tessellation

After a break while rather optimistically preparing a submission for the Bridges Conference 2014, I’m back again with a Labyrinth specially for Sophie, a ray of energy whenever about the Bookshop. It’s fitting that the birthyear number 2000 is doable … Continue reading

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