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Celebrating Anglo-Chinese Relations; 21st October 2015 is Double Ninth Day, Chongyang 重九節

The Hamlet of Scarthin within Cromford, where this blog is based, leads the way in Anglo-Chinese relations, and here are some photographs from the narrative (which also involved the hamlet of Upperwood within Matlock Bath). R. soon changed into traditional … Continue reading

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Lattice Labyrinth Tilings and Pavings: An Image Gallery

The thumbnailed gallery below is a handy summary of images included in the various posts of the Lattice Labyrinths blog and has now been copied as a page of the blog. In the course of time that page will tend … Continue reading

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Whence the Viewers of this Blog? ….and so a Trefoil for Brazil….and OXO Stock Cubes

In just over a year the Lattice Labyrinths blog has been visited from some 69 countries, most visitors being from the UK, followed, in order of total views, by USA, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Belgium, France, South Korea, Mexico, Italy, … Continue reading

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Sydney Olympics 2000

Here is the promised conversion of Scarthin Lattice Labyrinth (40,20) into Olympic Lattice Labyrinth (40,20). Ill explain why the Family names later. Each of the supertiles of the Scarthin Labyrinth have been divided into two by adding a couple of … Continue reading

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