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A Birthday Card for the 1 in 1500 of us born on 29th. February

My eccentric friend Evan Rutherford, the Professor and Potter of Green Hill, Wirksworth, newspaper boy and contrarian scourge of the Chattering Classes, informs me that he is at a loss for a present for his brother, who is celebrating his … Continue reading

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The Tessellated Body – Seahorses embellish a Handbook for Medical Students

Behold the cover of the helpful Handbook for October 2015’s new students at Oxford University Medical School.  Both the front and back covers are shown. This design by Ruth Mitchell employs the  seahorse tessellation , Diamond Lattice Labyrinth (4,1). Should … Continue reading

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Fibonacci puts the Pee in Pisa – Light Relief for the Also-wrangled

Etiam mingens mathematicae memini! As you probably know only too well, in a Fibonacci Sequence of numbers, each successive term is the sum of the two preceding terms, so all you need to do to start it off is specify … Continue reading

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Lattice Labyrinth Tilings and Pavings: An Image Gallery

The thumbnailed gallery below is a handy summary of images included in the various posts of the Lattice Labyrinths blog and has now been copied as a page of the blog. In the course of time that page will tend … Continue reading

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Chinese National Day Tessellation applied to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport 国庆节深圳宝安国际机场

Diamond Lattice Labyrinth (10,1) in honour of the National Day of The People’s Republic of China is illustrated in the previous post. I would like to employ it as a paving in Shenzhen City, where my elder son lives and … Continue reading

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On the Eve of 1st. October, the National Day of the People’s Republic of China 国庆节

I have been made very welcome both in the  People’s Republic of China and in Hong Kong, so, still just within 30th. September British time,but already early in the morning, Chinese Time, of what I do hope will be a … Continue reading

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Logistical Nightmare

Here is a tessellation I call Logistical Nightmare as it can easily be seen as a host of postmen running in three different dimensions. This is in fact Diamond (7,1) – see my book – and I don’t hope, but … Continue reading

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Sample – Diamond Family

 Above is a small area of Diamond (13,1) with its rather dragon-like supertiles; I seem to have cracked the construction of all (a,1) cases. I find this one particularly attractive – or is it just that the colour choice is … Continue reading

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