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After terminating academic and local government careers, long an independent bookseller/publisher at Scarthin Books, Cromford, Derbyshire, UK. An antiquarian bookseller in two senses, I now have more time to be an annuated independent post-doc, developing the long dormant topic of lattice labyrinth tessellations - both a mathematical recreation and a source of compelling practical tiling and textile designs. Presenting a paper and experiencing so many others at Bridges Seoul 2014 Mathart conference was a great treat, as were the spirited MathsJam Annual Conferences in November 2016 and 2017. I'm building up to a more academic journal paper and trying hard to find practical outlets in graphic design and landscape architecture. I submitted 8 ft square tiling designs to the Wirksworth Festival Art and Architecture Trail in 2016 and 2017. I love giving illustrated talks, tailored to the audience. Get in touch to commission or to collaborate.

A Birthday Card for the 1 in 1500 of us born on 29th. February

My eccentric friend Evan Rutherford, the Professor and Potter of Green Hill, Wirksworth, newspaper boy and contrarian scourge of the Chattering Classes, informs me that he is at a loss for a present for his brother, who is celebrating his … Continue reading

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March Fools’ Day (Brexit Day) 29th. March 2019

If I hear “It’s the will of the British people” one more time **************!!! Actually it’s the will of one wavering voter in every fifty. While in the European project Britain has lurched from one social or economic disaster to … Continue reading

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The Theorem of Trithagoras; Pythagoras is for Squares. The MathsJam 2017 Five-minute Presentation.

Mention Pythagoras and Pythagorean triangles spring to mind, but his theorem is really about the area of certain squares (regular polygons with four sides) and sums of their areas, which happens to relate to the sides of the aforesaid triangles. … Continue reading

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Wirksworth Art and Architecture Trail 2017 – Une Tessellation dédidée a la Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Die

The 2017 Wirksworth Festival, in Derbyshire, England, runs from 8th until 24th. September.perhaps its most successful feature is the Art and Architecture Trail, 10 till 5 on Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th. September. This has grown over the years … Continue reading

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Tessellating the Hardy-Ramanujan Taxicab Number, 1729, Bedrock of Integer Sequence A198775.

Here is Trefoil Lattice Labyrinth (32,15). There’s something rather special about it. According to the celebrated story, the English mathematician G.H.Hardy arrived at the hospital bedside of his Indian protege ( the autodidact mathematical genius) Srinivasa Ramanujan in London taxi … Continue reading

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Tiptoe tentatively into tessellated 2017

HURRAH!  2017 is the first tessellatable year since 2011, either on the square or on the triangular lattice. To start with the last but best image I’ve found: This shows symmetry axes and six supertiles of Trefoil Lattice Labyrinth (41,7), … Continue reading

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Thanks for the MathsJam Conference 2016 at Yarnfield Park near Stone, Staffordshire

I’ve only just discovered MathsJam, which may be meeting at a pub near you on the last but one Tuesday of each month, with Tuesday 13th.December 2016 a pre-Christmas exception. Here’s the MathsJam twitter site and a list of cities … Continue reading

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