Celebrating April Weddings , Two Wedding Anniversary Labyrinths, April 13th and April 26th

 Back to pretty pictures, but with some of the skeletal structure of the tessellations shown.

( Scarthin Books, my some days job, is in the middle of a crowdfunding exercise to Prop up the Shop, its over a mile of bookshelves and its 40 tons or so of books. Cunningly inserted, secret Acrow props have done the job for many years but are now being supplemented by properly designed, well-foundationed and visible circular steel columns each 114.3 mm (a ghostly 4½ inches) in diameter. We have been overwhelmed by the level of support ( so far about £2.50 for every week of the bookshop’s existence) and the messages of goodwill that have accompanied the pledges.)

The first tessellation is a thankyou for their pledge to A.J. and S.J., who were wed on April 13th.

Honeycomb (13,4)simpleThe separation parameters (13,4) imply that each hexagonally symmetrical supertile is made up of 2( 13² + 13×4 + 4²) = 474 equilateral triangles. The re-drawing of the tessellation makes its structure clearer.

Honeycomb (13,4) structureThirteen days later, give or take a few years, I. S. , a vigorous mathematical blogger, was wed on April 26th. and here is her anniversary tessellation for separation parameters (26,4); a Trefoil Lattice Labyrinth because 26² + 26×4 + 4² = 796 is of the form 3n+1. The American date style (4,26) is simply the mirror reflection of (26,4), shown below.

Trefoil (26,4)Ivasallay simple

and here is a version that elucidates  its structure.

Trefoil (26,4) IvasallayStructureThe usual link to my How to do it workbook. Or I can maybe give your group a talk.


About davescarthin

After terminating academic and local government careers, long an independent bookseller/publisher at Scarthin Books, Cromford, Derbyshire, UK. An antiquarian bookseller in two senses, I now have more time to be an annuated independent post-doc, developing the long dormant topic of lattice labyrinth tessellations - both a mathematical recreation and a source of compelling practical tiling and textile designs. Presenting a paper and experiencing so many others at Bridges Seoul 2014 Mathart conference was a great treat, as were the spirited MathsJam Annual Conferences in November 2016 and 2017. I'm building up to a more academic journal paper and trying hard to find practical outlets in graphic design and landscape architecture. I submitted 8 ft square tiling designs to the Wirksworth Festival Art and Architecture Trail in 2016 and 2017. I love giving illustrated talks, tailored to the audience. Get in touch to commission or to collaborate.
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2 Responses to Celebrating April Weddings , Two Wedding Anniversary Labyrinths, April 13th and April 26th

  1. ivasallay says:

    The tessellations are beautiful, and I enjoyed reading the post as well. Thank you for all the time and know how it takes to create these works of art and to write about them, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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