Christmas Day Celebrated Chinese Style and a Message in Portuguese

Tradition determines what I’m allowed to do on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and more traditions will kick in on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but during the four precious days of holiday between there is a sense of freedom – freedom to blog again. Here are nine supertiles of the standard   version of Chinese Lattice Labyrinth (25,12), dedicated to Christmas Day and so displayed in the colours of holly leaves and holly berries – I was blessed with good holly hunting on the commons (or so I consider them) of the Derwent Valley this year.

Last night it snowed in Derbyshire; many travellers had adventures, cars were abandoned and pubs such as The Boat Inn let their occupants kip down in the bar. All is bright today.


Each supertile contains 769 squares, the sum of the squares of 25 and 12. 769 is prime.

In addition, here is a message in classical (maybe) Portuguese.

Sou Dave, o ‘latticelabyrinths’ blogger.  Fico intrigado pelo grande número de visitas ao meu site originando do Brasil, talvez o resultado das minhas tentativas de desenhar labirintos inspirados pelo Dia da Independȇncia – Sete de Setembro  – do Brasil.  Ficaria encantado a colaborar na creação duma calçada que respresentaria a abertura dos Jogos Olímpicos de 2016 – ainda há tempo para realiser um tal projeto. Sou capaz de obter publicidade internacional graças à minha campanha para o reconhecimento do triunfo dos parcipantes que chegaram no quarto lugar nos Jogos Olímpicos de Londres 2012.  A medalha atribuida a estes participantes atraiu interesse nos meios de communicação mundiais.  Faz favor de contactarme no caso de estarem interessados num labirinto para celebrar os Jogos de 2016.  A maneira mais simples de entrar em contacto é através do meu email:

P.S. Links to the how-to-do-it workbook: From the publisher, or via you-know-who , better,  from a good independent bookshop or just Google.

You can contact Dave Mitchell, the blogger via


About davescarthin

After terminating academic and local government careers, long an independent bookseller/publisher at Scarthin Books, Cromford, Derbyshire, UK. An antiquarian bookseller in two senses, I now have more time to be an annuated independent post-doc, developing the long dormant topic of lattice labyrinth tessellations - both a mathematical recreation and a source of compelling practical tiling and textile designs. Presenting a paper and experiencing so many others at Bridges Seoul 2014 Mathart conference was a great treat, as were the spirited MathsJam Annual Conferences in November 2016 and 2017. I'm building up to a more academic journal paper and trying hard to find practical outlets in graphic design and landscape architecture. I submitted 8 ft square tiling designs to the Wirksworth Festival Art and Architecture Trail in 2016 and 2017. I love giving illustrated talks, tailored to the audience. Get in touch to commission or to collaborate.
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